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If cardboard models are not your thing, then we can also assist with a wide range of promotional material that can be used for customer and employee engagement. We work with you to understand the target audience and then provide a tailored approach to what will be the most cost-effective and memorable keepsake for you to produce.

Cartoon Engagement

TransitGraphics is highly experienced in producing cartoon engagement material that can be used stand-alone like these examples shown here or can also work as part of a larger campaign that may include cardboard models and other promotional material.

Great for safety campaigns, educational promotions or just to keep the little ones entertained for a few hours at home, our promotional products are sure to be collector’s items and a hit with young and old.

We can also arrange printing and web versions of the campaign material, so you can share widely your investment and key messages.

Promotional Items
Promotional Items


Keep your brand front and centre all year round with our attractive calendars. We can arrange wall, desk and fridge calendars, fully tailored to your brand or campaign. They can be produced on recycled stock, as well as options that are even more environmentally sustainable! Ask us how.

And if you are a little more adventurous, we can create calendars on rulers or even cardboard models that then become even more memorable. Stand out from the crowd!

Waterbottles and Sanitisers

Keep your staff and customer hydrated all year round. We can produce single-use and multi-use water bottles with custom artwork, sustainably sourced, using recycled plastics.

And to make sure staff and customers keep those germs at bay, we can arrange personal sanitiser bottles branded in your company’s logos or campaigns.

Speak to us about the many types of products that we can work with you to make them stand out from others.

Promotional Items
Promotional Items

Fridge Magnets and Stickers

There are so many great promotional products we can create to allow you to be different from other competitors. Custom shape stickers, magnets and giveaways are so much more memorable than the average square ones from most online providers.

Before making a decision on your next order, speak with our team, we are surely going to amaze you and inspire you with our ideas and options.