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Over 25 years of creating the world in miniature, we have perfected the unique interlocking system for models of any kind that don’t require glue, and can be suitable for all ages from 5 and up. There’s nothing like creating your vehicle, product or service in miniature as a free giveaway for customers and employees.

Our models can help you in your next brand campaign. They are ideal for giveaways at fairs, events, school education and so much more. All forms of community outreach programs can benefit from the models as they are a unique way of engaging with people young and old.

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This spectacular cardboard model playset showcases what can be achieved when you combine cardboard models with kids’ activities. If you have a good budget, then consider investing in a play set that is a little more than usual. Let the kids assemble and play with the various elements like this example for Transport Canberra.

Play sets aren’t just limited to transport. They can be a great way to engage with kids in the EMS space, education or just about anything that you think might suit your product or service. We try where possible to be environmentally friendly, we can provide options for partial or fully recycled stocks, using biodegradable inks and recycled packaging.

Play Sets
Play Sets

Your playset can be created by you providing a range of materials to make it as accurate as possible. Drawings are a great start, but also photo inspiration, or just a good brief, all help to get those little details just right and make the most of the play sets functionality. Let us know if you have any existing kids’ activities that you might want to be incorporated, or let us come up with what we think would suit your needs.

We try our best to recreate your playset so it has immediate recognition of the real thing. A model that even though it’s made from cardboard rivals plastic models but at a fraction of the cost. When it comes to production quantities, please note to make the models cost-effective we don’t recommend less than 500 units be produced. Extensive time goes into developing the die and the artwork which needs to be allowed.

Production can take up to four weeks for design, conception, production and delivery. 

Having a cardboard play set produced is an easy and cost-effective product that you can use as fairs, school events, corporate shows or just to send to employees as a gift. 

Speak with us today. We have over 20 years of experience producing cardboard models for the Australian and overseas markets. We can help you achieve a memorable product that will be a keepsake for young and old.

Play Sets