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TP pr100

Transperth is the brand name of the public transport system servicing Perth, Western Australia. It is operated by the Public Transport Authority. Transperth oversees and regulates a bus service throughout the Perth metropolitan area and some fringe rural areas. Transperth buses are privately operated, but publicly owned. Routes follow two basic formats: feeder services between residential suburbs and bus stations or bus\train interchanges, and routes directly to the CBD. There are also some cross-suburban services, most notably the Circle Route. Additional services are provided for schools and special events. Transperth’s most frequent bus routes run from 5am to midnight with services generally every 4–15 minutes on weekdays and every 30 minutes on evenings and weekends. Most other local routes run every 10 – 60 minutes, with reduced service on evenings and weekends. Services to and from railway stations are normally co-ordinated to connect every second or every fourth train.

The Renault Pr100 was a single decker bus built originally by Berliet and sold to Renault. In 1985, Renault became the majority shareholder of Mack Trucks and Transperth purchased 250 PR100.2s. They were bodied by Perth and retained the PR100 front-end.

Suitable ages 5+

297 x 420mm


No cutting required

No glue required

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